Interview #6
Winderous Igloos
by Daryle Dickens


They call themselves "Winderous Igloos." A Fort Collins band fronted by Jon and Ryan. I sat down with them, Orange Crush in-hand to have a chat. They talked of music, of Fort Collins, and their plans to conquer both. Below is just a slice of the ramblings that went on that afternoon.

First thing I have to ask about is the name, Winderous Igloos?

Winderous as an adjective. I donít even known the meaning of it. It is just seasonal because I was writing everything through the fall and the winter. And igloos, cold snow, why not be similar to winter.

ZAF: But your pretty much known as the Igloos.

Yes, that is why the album is named ďIgloos.Ē

ZAF: So how long have you been Winderous Igloos?

My plans for that album were made in like November and December and that is when the name came about.

Then you started playing shows as Winderous Igloos?

Well we played some shows as Hallelujah Darling.

Ryan: We have a tendency to make a new band name for every new whim that we have.

Jon: Like we have a new style now, we have a new band member, new instrument, lets choose a band name.

ZAF: So youíve been through a lot of names then?

Yes but we are going to stick with this one since we are making t-shirts.

ZAF: How many members are in Winderous Igloos?

Itís increased. We are no longer acoustic, we are a full band. So itís four. Weíve played two shows with the full band.

How often do you write?

I havenít written in a while. We did the album then it was like nothing. But really the last few weeks have been pretty good. We have been getting a lot of good hooks written, and vocals, and melodies.

Ryan: We also have some left over songs that we are going to appropriate into Igloos songs. And now that we have a full band we write differently. You know? Cause you canít just do a folk song which is just verse, verse, verse.

ZAF: Do you guys have a strong musical Background?

Iíll let you go first.

Ryan: I started on trumpet in the fourth grade and I hated it. And I built my own drum set out of popcorn tins and stuff. So in junior high I started drumming, then I started teaching myself guitar in like 10th grade because I wanted to record my own music at home. And I have been in bands ever since. We started with this Ska band which was like a guitarist, me on drums, and a saxophone player. Then some punk bands. Then I met Jon at a youth group in town and we started playing in a Beatle-esk type band. And its just been us since then. And I teach drums and guitar and bass now, that is sort of my income over the school year.

Jon: In second grade I took piano lessons because my grandpa played and I thought that was really cool. Then I quit that in like 3rd grade or 4th grade. Then I moved to Fort Collins and got into punk, like Blink 182. Then I got a bass at the end of 6th grade and my friend just got a drum set for Christmas so we started a bass and drums punk band. And did weird stuff like covers of Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song or what ever we could think of. We did not have a guitarist and that is when I met Ryan. And that is when I got out of the punk stuff and more into the Beatles because I grew up with that because of my dad. Then I learned guitar eventually in 8th grade. I taught myself drums and learned from my friend Kyle and from Ryan. Iíve been picking up piano a lot lately. I sort of want to start taking lessons again. But like I think I learn a lot more from myself.

ZAF: It seems from your shows that Igloos has a pretty good following.

Ryan: Thatís because of him.

Jon: I donít know where it came from really. I had mono and I was home for a week and a half so I got on MySpace and just did friend request after friend request. That was cool, that was good. Like our first show like by the second night we sold out of the CDs, which was sweet. I just think a lot of our friends are very supportive.

ZAF: So has MySpace been a big help?

It is. MySpace is the bomb.

Ryan: I see MySpace as a really good promotional tool.

Jon: Itís a free thing that anybody can use, any new band, or any new company. It reaches all different people. The nice thing is you can hear bands through MySpace.

Speaking of MySpace check out Winderous Igloos profile which contains 4 songs for your listening pleasure. Also check out their record label Act So Big Forest.

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