Interview #5
Katie Herzig
by Daryle Dickens

If by chance you’ve had your ear to the Colorado music scene you have heard Katie Herzig’s voice. Since her sophomore year in college she has been the lead singer of Newcomers Home, a Boulder based band that achieved nationwide recognition. Now she is on her own and already has two solo albums under her belt, “Weightless,” and “Watch Them Fall.” Her songs have been heard on the airwaves of NPR as well as the television show “Smallville.”  

It was quite an honor to be able to interview her for ZAF622.

ZAF622: When was the first time you got on a stage and sang for a public audience? And was it a good experience?

Katie Herzig:
My band, Newcomers Home had it's first show at a coffee shop in Boulder.  It was mostly our friends! It was a good experience I had sung for choirs and been in band and orchestra in school.  I was always way too nervous for my own good.

ZAF: Do you have thoughts or definitions of success?

Success is being content in the present.  With musicians and artists alike, there is always growth and there never seems to be a line that is drawn that says this is success.  To some I seem successful, to others small time. I'm making a living off of music.  That is great for me and to see it grow is  also what keeps me encouraged.

ZAF: What has been the most frustrating part of your development as an artist?

It can be frustrating to balance the booking/promo/business with the creative end...the writing and the practicing, etc. Patience. The more I play the more I realize that the time I develop and get better are in the less exciting times.  The valleys if you will!

ZAF: You obviously work very hard at your music. What sort of support system do you have? Are your friends and family supportive of your endeavors?

My friends and family are a HUGE support. Seriously would be so much harder without them. There is only so much I can do alone.  I don't know anyone who is having success that don't have that support. If you don't have it in the beginning, you will in the end, because you need them!

ZAF: Now your based out of Nashville, Newcomers Home was based out of Boulder, but where did you grow up? Did you have a musical childhood?

I grew up in Fort Collins, CO.  Went to College in Boulder. I grew up in a family that had lots of music. We had a piano and a guitar laying around. My dad plays and sings and my mom plays piano a bit. We were all in music programs in school.  but it wasn't only music. Lots of sports too and dance and making music videos with neighbors, etc.

ZAF: I have to ask about having a song on the TV show "Smallville." How did that feel?

Felt great to have a song on Smallville.  First national TV show to play my song. I told all my friends and then we all watched it, but it was kind of anti-climactic because the song was so quiet! Gotta
start somewhere!!

ZAF: How would you describe yourself? (without mentioning anything about what you do for a living)

Introvert, love alone time, but also thrive on the closeness I have to people around me.  Prefer small gatherings over large. Prefer traveling to the places off the beaten path.  Productivity driven. Like to feel productive.  Spiritual person. Really close to my family. Love being an aunt!

ZAF: How has life changed for you since Newcomers Home disbanded?

It's changed a lot. I moved to Nashville.  I do all my own stuff now, with help from others of course, but I'm still adjusting. Things I miss about a band. And miss and love the Newcomers gang, but mostly I feel really good about the direction I'm headed.  I love the flexibility of a solo career right now.  I can do anything I want.  It's like starting over, but not really...  Artistically I've loved the directions I've been able to go. I also have really appreciated how good the band was.  In retrospect I really value how great each of the guys in the band are.  Kind of blows me away we made it work for so long, hard to do!

ZAF: On June 24th your opening for The Fray at the City Light Pavilion in Denver, nervous, excited, biggest show?

Opening for the Fray is all of the above! They are such great guys and really appreciate the invitation to open for them. I am also a big fan of Brandi Carlile's music who is also playing that show. It's a big stage for just one person.  Still getting used to that! I'll be on the edge of nervousness and excitement I'm sure.

ZAF: What is the best imaginable thing that could happen to you in the next five years?

In the next five years I would love to be five years older, five years wiser, five years stronger, five years more courageous, etc. I have a plan, but most of that plan is to enjoy the ride.  The best I can imagine isn't nearly as creative as what it really will be! If I said that the best thing would be to headline a show at Red Rocks, well that's just too easy!


If you want to know more about Katie, listen to her music, or find out where she is playing next check out her web site or her MySpace page

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