Interview #0
Daryle Dickens
by ZAF622

In this interview ZAF622 sits down with ZAF’s publisher to fire off a few questions.

ZAF622: So what exactly is ZAF622?

Daryle Dickens:
My original concept for this project was a fanzine style paper publication. By that I mean a self published little paper magazine that featured people in and round Fort Collins. I went so far as to find a publishing co-op in Florida that would do runs fairly inexpensively. But inexpensive magazine printing was still a couple hundred dollars and issue for a black and white on newsprint. Then there would come the challenge of distribution and subscriptions etc. All these things became reasons not to go ahead with the project. At some point I was reading an article about self publishing comic books and someone in the article mentioned how much less it cost and how easy it is to publish on the internet these days. That is when I started to think about the project as a webzine. And that is how ZAF622 came about. ZAF622 is simply a webzine that aspires to meet people creating their lives and telling a bit of their story.

ZAF: Let’s get this out of the way. What does ZAF622 mean?

I’ll leave that up to viewer perspective.

ZAF622: So why create a webzine based on people like you have?

Well I grew up near Chicago and there was a show on PBS called “Wild Chicago.” A simple low budget half hour show that would profile people in Chicagoland. A lot of artists but also people that started businesses, collected things, or started unusual museums, stuff like that. I tried to never miss a show. I found the simple everyday people doing very creative things fascinating. I wanted to host the show. I think that planted the early seeds for this project. I am so much more interested in the people around me that I am in celebrities or people on the national stage. ZAF is my excuse to go out and meet these people and ask them questions.

ZAF: You attempted to launch ZAF622 in December of 2005 but it just sort of stalled. What happened?

That is a tough one for me to face up to. What I really got started and momentum was building for ZAF622 I had and 8 to 5 job that I hated. It drained the life out of me everyday. Working on creating ZAF and building it was an outlet, a source of life. But in December just when I was getting ready to give ZAF even more a job opened up that I really wanted. So I made the choice to put ZAF on hold so that I all my attention could go to landing that job. I did just that. I became and still am the Executive Director of Everyday Joe’s Coffee House in Old Town Fort Collins. And for the first few months the job consumed my life. Now things have settled and I am finding balance and I am able to make time for ZAF622. I do know that the false start hurt ZAF a lot and it will take time to get past it but I think it was the right thing to do.

ZAF: What is your goal with ZAF622?

My loftiest ideas with ZAF are about building community. I have made small connections with people when I read about them or see a interview with them. These small connections are the start of community. I hope that ZAF622 somehow bring people together. And on another level I hope to help promote people, especially artists who often have trouble with that end of art. But basically I believe I am surrounded by interesting people and I want to meet them and tell their story.

ZAF: Is there any special criteria needed to be featured?

Nope. I’ll interview just about anyone who is up for it.

ZAF: What do you see in the future for ZAF622?

I hope to expand it and create more readers mostly. Simply continue to evolve it, but I do not know where it will go or how exactly it will grow. I do not have a finished product in mind. Though keeping it simple is very important to me. By that I mean the web design aspect of it. I want very basic and mostly text based so that it does not get clunky or cheesy. As far as content I would like to find other writers and contributors to help build it, that is for sure. It is defiantly a lot of work and time to do this alone.

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